Spend the weekend at Baranti lazing under the Palash trees!


Do you love small excursions? Or you love summer camps? Whatever it may be, if your sole aim is to spend some quiet time in nature to soothe your nerves, then Baranti is an ideal setting for it with beautiful hills, lakes and woods. Baranti is a small green santhal village at the bottom of the Biharinath Hill and the Panchkot Hill. Situated in the heart Purulia district and very close to Asansol city, Baranti is a beautiful village with lots of flora and fauna. Except for a few hotels, most of the people there are the innocent Santhali tribal people. Sal and Palash fill the lal maati landscape like a painting. Others include Piyal, Amloki, Bahra, Haritoki, Neem and other tropical trees. Baranti village is filled with large number of Bamboo shrubs. Palash tree is there everywhere in Baranti. So if you want to enjoy Mother Nature to recharge yourself for a weekend then there is no better place than Baranti.

Why Baranti is a famous tourist spot?

Baranti is a mesmerizing and picturesque location sandwiched between two hills. Baranti offers a lot of attractions to the tourists namely:

  • Baranti is an ideal location for various camps

Frequent study camps for Anthropology are held in Baranti.   It is a small village which is inhabited by tribal Santhals. Baranti is a very good site for base camp for Anthropological excursion. This is because of the topography of Baranti. Here you can find a lot of caves especially in Biharinath and Susunia.  We can find here trails of ancient men. Camps for painting are also done at Baranti. An artist can nurture his creative talents in an open nature, here in Baranti. Yes off course photography is very common in Baranti. The nature study camp here is very important. Nature study can be described as an attempt to know and appreciate of the natural world. Apart from this there are camps for socioeconomics study and camps for geology study. Baranti is also an awesome site for Ayurveda students.

  • Rock Climbing & Trekking

Baranti is a heaven for rock climbing and trekking. Baranti has a tradition of healthy rock climbing competitions. Trekking and hiking for novice people are also. The guides are very well-trained. So chill! There are frequent climbing competitions held at Baranti. The target is set  to reach the summit of a hill or plateau without  slipping or falling.

  • Some famous tourist spots

Baranti is a place which is packed with attractions in terms of tourist spots. ! In this connection mention may be made of Garhpanchkot, Panchet Dam, and Joychandi Hill etc. If you want to explore natural and wildlife areas then Murguma is the best place. Ajodhya Hill and the Saheb Bandh are important locations.

  • Awesome food experiences

The food available at Baranti are delicious. The lake in Baranti is full of fresh water fishes like Rohu and Catla. So expect some great culinary experience at Baranti. More over Bengali, Chinese and North Indian dishes are widely available here. There are plenty of hotels in Baranti. The best thing about Baranti hotel is that food served here is awesome.